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How To Start Your Surfing Journey?

For many, surfing begins on a journey: they rested somewhere in Sri Lanka or Bali and decided to try it. We arrived at the beach in the morning, looked at how to get up on the board, and also tried.

But during a pandemic, every trip abroad becomes worth its weight in gold. You need to save both money and time, and therefore it is better to prepare in advance for your first foreign surfing. We tell you how to do it, where to start, where to train, and where to go for your first wave, so that later you can feel confident even in the Maldives, even in Morocco.

Where to begin?

Trying to surf at home is always cheaper than going to a surf camp abroad. Therefore, the first points will be enrolling in school and a short trip somewhere on the beach to practice in real conditions.

Surfing requires good physical condition, so pay attention to the following points:

  1. To get in shape, you will have to set up a daily routine, do exercises and exercises that you will learn in surf school, go to bed at the same time, drink less if you do this, and also eat balanced meals.
  2. If you are afraid of water and waves, it is better to go to the pool with an instructor before starting training and work through this problem.
  3. You need to do this not only during training. The basis of surfing is balanced, and you have to work hard on it. Buy a special board, or a balance board, open any balance board videos on YouTube, and train right at home.

It is best when the board is always in the room in a conspicuous place. Then you will be drawn to stand on it every time you pass by, which means that you will imperceptibly improve your balancing skills.

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What is taught in surf school?

It seems that you just need to buy a ticket and fly somewhere to start surfing. True, in place of a beginner, there is a problem that no one talks about: during the week of the surf camp, you risk only a couple of times standing on the board. Not a pity for time and money?

That is why we recommend starting with learning to surf at school. But nowadays with the availability of an electric surfboard, it is fairly easy to learn surfing and get apt with it soon. Instructors will teach you to do it right right away and follow it, giving important exercises and loads specifically for your body. In addition, there will be more opportunities to find out your strengths and weaknesses, not in the meat grinder of Moroccan or Maldivian waves.

There is no artificial wave in the pool, but there are professional surfers and swimmers. The first ones will bring to automatism your skills of swimming on the board, climbing it, and almost the most important, a safe fall. And the latter will explain that all your life you most likely swam and breathed underwater incorrectly, and show you how best to do it for surfing.

Where to go to understand that surfing is yours?

You will immediately want to test the skills that you got in the pool and the gym in big water. However, you should not book a trip to the Maldives – try surfing somewhere at your nearby beach, especially since you don’t need to go to the Far East at all for this.

It’s great to plan such a short trip for yourself while still at school. Then it will be possible to discuss with the instructor all the features of your first surfing experience.


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