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5 Superb Waterfalls in Houston to Visit in 2022

With some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Texas, it’s no wonder that Houston is known as the Bayou City. The city is surrounded by man-made lakes, including Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston, and many natural ones like Caddo Lake. Each of waterfalls in Houston offers a different adventure for those willing to take on the steep hike. Here are some of the best waterfalls that you can explore right here in Houston. The Houston area is home to several waterfalls. All of them are worth visiting, and provide a fun day trip for the entire family.

A waterfall is defined as a place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevation, creating its own natural spectacle. The falls in the Houston area range from five to over 80 feet tall. Some of the smaller ones can be found on hiking trails with stairs or even wooden walkways built into them, while others require you to climb down steep cliffs and slippery rocks. 

Why should you visit waterfalls in Houston ? 

Waterfalls are more than just pretty sights. The sound of a waterfall is what makes most people happy. The roaring sound soothes the brain and masks distracting noise. In fact, many people install small waterfalls in their backyards just to listen to the soothing sounds. Though the sound is soothing, not all falls are created equal. There are some that are more dangerous than others. If you want to see a gorgeous waterfall in Houston, make sure to do some research beforehand.

Here is the list of 5 best waterfalls in Houston everyone should visit.

The Waterwall Houston:

The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall is a multi-story sculptural fountain located opposite the south face of the Williams Tower in downtown Houston. It was constructed as an architectural amenity for the tower and is one of the city’s most beautiful landmarks. This public space was once used for construction, but today, it is a public space that is free to the general public. While the park is now a park, it was once a commercial building.

In 1985, the city of Houston purchased a private park that includes a waterfall to use as a public park. They renamed it the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall, and it has since become one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. The Waterwall is free to the public and is open daily from 8 am to 9 pm. Visitors are also welcome to come out and enjoy the fountain on a hot Houston day.

The Waterwall is free to enter and is free of charge. Parking is free, but the water-side park often fills up quickly, especially on sunny days. Those with dogs are allowed, but they must be on a leash and clean up after them. For more information, check out the official website. Just remember to bring your camera. While there, don’t forget to bring your dog’s leash!

Japanese Garden Waterfall in Houston:

The Japanese Garden is a serene oasis near the Sam Houston Monument. The Hermann Park Conservancy is responsible for maintaining the water fall and main gate. The landscape architect Terunobu Nakai collaborated with local landscapers to plant boulders to represent two waterfalls. The gardens are free and open to the public. You can visit the Japanese Garden or the nearby Hermann Park to learn more about the culture and traditions of Japan.

The Houston Japanese Garden features cherry trees, unique architectural elements, and a cascading waterfall. It attracts visitors from around the world, and is a great place to take pictures. The waterfall is located nearby Lyndall Wortham Park, and is a beautiful spot for a photo shoot. There are even water towers, much like those at the Houston Waterwall, which are more unexpected. You can experience the beauty of the natural environment and enjoy a relaxing experience here.

The Houston Japanese Garden has several waterfalls, bridges, and a beautiful Japanese Maple tree. It is also a small spa, so it’s important to wear comfortable clothing. A water fountain and restrooms are located in the garden. Benches are dotted throughout the garden to sit and meditate. The Houston Japanese Garden is also near Jones Reflection Pool. It’s a wonderful destination for families and a day trip for families.

Wortham Park Water Towers:

Houston has its share of cool spots. The Wortham Fountain is one of the city’s most popular. The fountain is constructed with bronze pipes that have nozzles that send water radiating out in a circular plane. The towers are a complex project. Because of the high pressure, the mist can drift out beyond the pool, dampening sidewalks and spritzing sweaty joggers.

The Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain: Designed by Houston architect William T. Cannady, the Fountain has multiple lacquer-coated bronze pipes that jut out from its central core. These pipes are equally spaced, giving it an octagonal shape. The structure is surrounded by an illuminated structure by Albert Paley. It is a great place to take a walk.

The Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain: Located in Buffalo Bayou Park, this monument was designed by Houston architect William T. Cannady in 1978. The design is based on a similar fountain in Australia. The fountain consists of multiple lacquer-coated bronze pipes that jut out from the central core. These pipes are equally spaced apart, giving the water fountain a spherical shape.

The Wortham Park Water Towers: The towers are 55 feet tall and feature an abstract representation of a woman. At night, these seven wonders emit a lantern-like glow, lighting the surrounding buildings and park. This is an oasis in the city. There are also seven fountains. And if you want to get close to the park, take your picnic basket and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Houston Waterfalls in Sesquicentennial Park:

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a day, Houston waterfalls are the place to go. The city’s urban park is situated along Buffalo Bayou and is 22.5 acres. Established to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Houston’s founding, the park’s two waterfalls are a wonderful place to visit. There are also several trails throughout the park and plenty of opportunities to see the birds and other wildlife.

Houston waterfalls at Sesquicentennial Park are not natural but are a great way to get wet on a hot summer day. You can even bring your dog or stroller for a romantic afternoon. The park’s cascading falls are sure to delight you. The area’s gazebo, promenade, and waterway create a beautiful backdrop for a variety of events. The waterfalls in Sesquicentennial Park are perfect for family reunions, weddings, or other special occasions.

Located in the theatre district, The Waterwall Park is a manmade Houston waterfall that was built to celebrate Houston’s 150th birthday. The park is located just a few steps away from Downtown, but feels very different from the rest of Downtown. You can access the park on Preston Street or by taking the steps on the west side of the Wortham Center. You can access the bayou from the Wortham Center side. On the east side, you will see the statue of James Baker III, along with a ramp for strollers.

Oyster Creek Park Waterfalls in Houston:

Oyster Creek Park Waterfalls is a stunning waterfall located in the community of Oyster Creek. You can hike or bike three miles in the neighbourhood or you can just stay close to home to relax and enjoy the views. The waterfalls are spectacular and the community park also features an amphitheatre, rose garden, pond, and a rose garden. It is also home to an amphitheatre and rose garden.

The park is very close to major highways, and a boardwalk can take you to a beautiful overlook of the creek. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can continue hiking along the three-mile loop, taking in the water features. There are also plenty of picnic tables and restrooms in the area, so you can enjoy a nice afternoon here. The best time to visit Oyster Creek is during the fall and spring months, when the water is at its fullest.

The Oyster Creek Park Waterfalls are perfect for a day of fun with the family. You can relax in the mist, or hike along the trails. The park is conveniently located near major highways, and the park is easy to maintain and can be a great getaway from the city. This Houston area destination park is designed to create a relaxing environment for families. In addition to the waterfalls, the park also offers hiking trails and public art pieces.


When you visit a waterfall in Houston or anywhere else, always remember to pack trash bags. Most of these places are not public, so you may find trash and clothing. This irks people who leave the area, and can leave the area cleaner for the next visitor. It’s best to bring a plastic bag or a garbage bag with you to pick up your trash. A good idea is to take a couple of trash bags with you.



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