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What Is React Native?

React Native is pretty much the same as React. The only difference is that it uses native components rather than web components as building blocks. 

It is an open-source development framework introduced by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Some of the most used and famous apps have been created using React Native. The list includes the likes of Uber Eats, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Tesla, Shopify, and Walmart.

Is React Native Still The Right Choice In 2023?

React Native is one of the most used and acknowledged frameworks for building user interfaces. Ever since its initial release on 26 March 2015, React Native has been garnering praise from the programmer community.

Even in the year 2023 and the time ahead, React Native holds the ground and is a decent option for developers across the globe. Businesses of any type or size can simply hire react native developers and launch their upcoming apps.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons That Suggest The Relevance Of React Native:

Fast Refresh

One of the most important aspects of app development is speed. React Native’s Fast Refresh feature allows programmers to get an almost real-time appearance against changes made in the React components.

The feature gets activated by default, and developers have the luxury of controlling it through the “Enable Fast Refresh” option available in the React Native developer menu. With Fast Refresh allowed, modifications get updated within seconds.

Single Codebase Framework

React Native is a single codebase app development framework. It allows developers to build iOS and Android Applications with a single codebase. Developing mobile apps in such an environment allows programmers to just code without worrying much about cross-platform compatibility.


React Native’s programming language is JavaScript. The programmer community, by and large, is familiar with the language. 

Meta Platforms, Inc

React Native is developed by Meta Platforms Inc. Meta enjoys a massive brand value in the market worldwide. Meta has an abundance of resources that may fuel the framework to withstand fierce competition and keep evolving and staying relevant in the days to come. 

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Relative Maturity

React Native was released way back in 2015. By now, the framework is stabilized. It has also eliminated issues that it faced in its early days.

Resource Availability

Considering the trend and popularity of React Native, you can easily find and hire dedicated developers in USA

Vast Active Community

React Native has a vast and supportive developer community to help programmers in virtually every situation.

Wrapping Up

With so many features and benefits, React Native is certainly here to stay. It is still a great choice for developers in 2023.


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