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Growth Oriented Jobs Students Can Do While Studying In 2022

Earning money in college seems more difficult than earning money once you’ve your educational degree in hand. The reason for that is pretty apparent and obvious. When you’re in college, you need to find a job that balances or adjusts with your schedule. Not a lot of jobs are flexible like that. Taking up a job in college also means that you will have practically no free time. If you’re not studying, you’re working, and vice versa.

However, sometimes, you just need to work that hard in order to ensure a better job and a more peaceful life tomorrow. So, what jobs can you manage with your studies? There are quite some options, especially ones you can do online and right from your home too.

These types of jobs are easier to manage and generally only require a good internet connection from your end. In that case, you can check out options like Ziply Fiber Wi-Fi internet connection if you live on the West Coast or any others in other areas.

Going back to the topic, let’s take a look at some of the jobs you can manage with your studies, online or offline.

Driving for Uber, Lyft, and More

If you have your own car, then you can easily make money out of that. You must be familiar with ride-booking services like Uber and Lyft. Just register your vehicle through the app, make sure to meet the minimum requirements for the vehicle and yourself, and you can get started.

The app is pretty simple to manage and understand and the best part about this is you can set your own timings every day. If you happen to have a day off from college, you can utilize the time to take as many rides as you can. Just turn on your availability and you will be connected to the rides.

On busy days, you can either pick up a few rides only, or even no rides at all. You just need to turn off your availability once you’re off. That’s really all that is to it!

Driving for Uber Eats, DoorDash, and More

If you don’t have a car, or maybe you don’t want to pick up and drop off people, you can just opt for a job in a food delivery service. DoorDash and Uber Eats are popular examples of food delivery apps and you can just register to work there.

These jobs also have a minimum requirement scale and you and your vehicle will have to meet certain requirements for it. One more good thing about this is you don’t necessarily need a car for delivering food for some apps.

So, if you have a bike or a scooter, you can definitely sign up to become a food delivery rider. The service is just like driving for Uber or Lyft minus the people.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is exactly what it sounds like. You will be doing everything or most of what any personal assistant may be doing. You will check and attend to the emails, you will organize files, and you will even make and change schedules for other people. The only difference is you don’t have to be physically present in front of that person to do these things and you just do it from home with a reliable internet connection.

You can find multiple opportunities for being a VA on platforms like Fiverr, LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs, etc. Before you do apply for that position though, we suggest you get a good internet connection by checking the ratings and reviews on several internet service providers before making a decision. Take the example of the Ziply Fiber Internet Reviews. Before you reach any decision about the provider, it is best that you look through its reviews to see the actual picture of its service quality and coverage areas.

Selling or Renting Items Online

If you have items such as study books and materials, novels, and maybe even clothes, you can totally rent out these things through social media platforms. If you don’t intend on using them again, you can choose to just sell them too.

There is no use in hoarding things you don’t want and the best way to declutter is to just make some money out of it by selling or renting them. You will need to see if they are in good enough condition to be sold though.

To Wrap It All Up

These were just some of the many options you have to make money, as a college student. As you have gone through it all and made it this far, you can definitely draw the conclusion that these ideas are quite easy to handle with other responsibilities. They may not all be applicable to your skills, but you’ll just have to find one that works for you and aligns with your schedule and skills!


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