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Instituto craniomandibular pathology of TMJ and orofacial pain

Pains in the face, whether of dental origin or other structures, become very intense, uncomfortable and annoying. Many of these conditions become chronic, and the patient’s desperation becomes uncontrollable. Where can you get help to improve these disorders?  The Craniomandibular Institute of TMJ Pathology and Orofacial Pain is the place you’re looking for. 

Academy specialist in facial pain

The Craniomandibular clinic stands out for having more than three and a half decades providing personalized treatment to each of its users. Ailments in the head area (such as: sleep apnea, orofacial pain and temporomandibular joint) require a multidisciplinary team that can provide the comprehensive care that the patient needs.

If you do not know what happens to you or why an area of your face hurts, the group of health professionals that you will find there, can give you the specific diagnosis and indicate the most appropriate procedure to make you feel better. 

This center has several specialists (in areas such as: dentistry, neurology, physiotherapy, psychology and traumatology) who have the ability to offer you different solutions to your ailments. In addition, if this is the case, they can resort to the assistance of a number of experts in other fields to solve your health problem or at least try to improve it. 

His achievements in the 35 years of service have earned the recognition of other institutes nationally and internationally. They are even a reference center where the most complicated cases in the country are referred. 

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What services are provided at the craniomandibular institute TMJ pathology and orofacial pain?

Each patient who enters the center is a special case that is treated with the assertiveness and understanding it deserves. To offer an effective and accurate diagnosis, a dentist ensures that the available and necessary equipment performs the appropriate studies to the pathology. Once the result is obtained, an action plan is prepared, covering all the needs of the user. 

The services available at the institute are the improvements for: TMJ discomforts, bruxism, snoring, sleep apnea, among others. In addition, there is regenerative medicine, application of botulinum toxin genetic analysis of orofacial pain and manufacture of 3D discharge splints.

The devices that are designed and developed in the institute have the purpose of improving the quality of life of patients. This is because individual features are covered with high-tech machinery and coordination from a specialist. 

Among the diseases that can be treated are: mandibular, cervical, head, mouth (burning mouth) pain, neuralgia, snoring and sleep apnea. These symptoms can be part of a more complicated disorder. However, with the combination of different treatments it is possible to change the patient’s life.

For health professionals, university postgraduate training in different areas is also offered. If you want to know more about the clinic you can visit the following link:


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