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3 Best Ways To Finance An Investment Property

Investment properties are considered best for earning quick money in Real Estate. Investors thinking of earning prefer investment properties to other projects like services. Some investors also earn money by providing Real Estate Services like Cold Calling and Wholesaling. But these services require reputation because no one trusts any brand without an excellent portfolio. So to earn money in Real Estate without showing portfolios, you need to invest in the investment properties.

Before showing how to finance an investment property, do you need to know what investment property really is? So let’s start this article by defining investment properties.

What is an Investment Property?

Investment property is a Real Estate property purchased to earn monthly income or to sell for more profit. Let’s say I am an investor, and I want to invest my money to earn more money. If I’d invest my money in the investment properties, I can get a return on my investment in 2 ways. 

The first way is that I’d rent my property to somebody and sign a contract for 1 year. In that contract, the monthly rent will be decided. The 2nd way is to sell that property for profit. If I have invested $1000 on my property, and someone offers me $1500, I’d sell that property for $500 profit. That was an example, but investment properties require endless money. 

How To Finance an Investment Property?

Purchasing a property is very difficult because of the rise in prices. After the COVID Pandemic, this Real Estate market saw a huge boom in prices. So financing investment property isn’t easy as before the COVID Pandemic. Now you have to struggle to finance an investment property. So let’s start this point with the first way to finance investment property.

Convential Bank Loans

If you own a home and want to use it to get a loan to invest in the investment property, then Conventional Bank Loans are the best and cheapest way to get money. You can get quick loans through Conventional Banking. The government officials aren’t involved in this loan scheme, but you get loans from private institutions.

There are many private banks within the US providing loans for home financing. To get this loan approved, you must have a good credit score in the Real Estate history. If you are a regular investor having a good credit score, your loan can be approved quickly because a good credit score matters a lot. These private companies are willing to pay quickly to people having good scores. So good credits can help you, but newbies must fill out every document to approve this loan.

So this Conventional Banking loan is the best way to finance an investment property. The maximum time obtained for this long is 30 years. Thirty years is the last number for returning this money. Some people try hard to return this loan in 15-20 years, but the last limit is 30 years. You have to return this loan at this time, or else you can face fines.

Hard Money Lenders

If newbies don’t have a good credit score in Conventional Banks, then Hard Money Lending is the best option. There are many ways to borrow money through hard money lenders and invest it into your purchased investment property. You get a loan from an individual at a fixed interest rate on hard money lending.

Newbie hard money lenders offer 20-25% interest rates to load their portfolio, but lenders having a good reputation in this business gives a 30% interest rate on the money they give. Now it’s your art to satisfy those hard money lenders by getting a quick loan and returning them in the given time. You can use that loan to invest in that property you purchased.

Only getting the keys to that house through a down payment is difficult. Later, you can rent that house to earn a profit and repay that money to the lender or conventional banker. Acquiring the home becomes difficult if your loan isn’t approved and newbies sign contracts on hard deals to avoid default, but this thing isn’t recommended. You have to avoid default, but signing a deal on hard terms isn’t recommended, so be careful about that.

Hard Money Lenders can help you finance the property, but their conditions are challenging. If you have a monthly income from your job, you can still get the chance to pay that lender, but if you don’t, don’t risk borrowing money from a hard money lender.

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Home Equity Loan

That’s the 3rd and last way to finance an investment property. Your home’s value can determine the loan you receive. Home Equity Loans are different types, but we recommend taking this step when you have a monthly income because this loan is paid in installments. You can borrow from Conventional Banking and Hard Money Lending and repay that money after a year, but Home Equity Loan is repaid monthly.

Suppose investing money in any property to earn a monthly income is your wish, and you have got a job that can pay the monthly installment. In that case, applying for a Home Equity loan is the best option because you have a source of income to pay a monthly installment. Many private lenders are providing these loans. If you want to find an individual providing a loan on Home Equity, then contact some Skip Tracers in your area.

Skip Tracers are always in contact with such people. Their work is to trace someone’s current information like current address, working email, and working phone number. People providing Home Equity Loans are in contact with them, so why don’t you avail this chance? Contact any popular Skip Tracing Services provider like Lert Skip Tracing to find people providing loans through Home Equity.

Contact the person and make good connections with him. Prepare a documented proof of your monthly income and the current job you do. When you show him the documents, we will agree to give money after calculating your home’s value. Take that money and spend it on your investment property. Now once your property gets rented by someone, boom, you will be able to repay the loan from that property you purchased. So that’s how this Home Equity Loan is borrowed, and it’s beneficial only for people having jobs in good companies.

Final Words

So these were the 3 Best Ways To Finance An Investment Property. There are many other ways to get a loan for investment properties, but these 3 methods are preferred. Investors don’t consider investing in any investment property until they have a good background. Employees can also invest in this business if they own a house. So every type of person can make money through investment properties, but they need proper guidelines. If you have more questions related to this topic, feel free to ask. We’d respond to your comments as soon as time allows. For more information on topic ” How To Finance An Investment Property” please keep visiting buzzgators. 


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