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Treggings Style Guide: How to Style them For Work?

You are probably wondering what to wear for your office. The answer is simple: you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Treggings are an excellent option for work wear, but they can be hard to style. To get the look you want, follow these tips: 

  • Keep it formal: Pair your high rise treggings with a blazer for a more traditional look. A pair of heels finish off this look nicely!
  • Add some color: Add some color by wearing an eye-catching statement necklace—you could also opt for earrings instead if that’s more your style. This will give your outfit a feminine touch and make it stand out from others around you at work today!
  • Sporty vibe: Wear sneakers with your pants for sportier vibes, but don’t forget about adding accessories like belts or scarves, so they still look feminine on top of being stylishly casual too!

Add a dash of professionalism to your look

A blazer paired with treggings is an intelligent choice for work, especially if you want to be taken seriously as an employee. You can choose from many different types of blazers and decide how you want each piece to fit into your ensemble. 

If you have long, flowing hair or short hair that needs framing, consider wearing a jacket with long sleeves so that it doesn’t get in the way when bending over at work or walking around on city streets during rush hour traffic jams!

Accessorize with sturdy shoes (no flip flops!), which will give off confidence while still looking professional enough not to tousle up while standing all day long! Consider adding accessories like necklaces since they add interest without being too distracting from what matters most: getting things done efficiently so as not to keep anyone else waiting longer than necessary. 

For a more poised and polished style 

Use a neutral color. If you’re wearing dark-colored pants and a top, ensure your treggings are paired with something light. This will help balance the look and keep it from being too busy or overwhelming.

Wear cropped tops with your treggings for work. You don’t want any excess fabric hanging around your legs, it can make it difficult to walk in high heels! The fit should be similar to what you would wear on an average day at home (think: not too tight).

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Add an extra layer of sophistication and femininity 

  • Use a neutral color or a solid color
  • Use a slightly darker shade of the same color for an added dimension to your outfit
  • Add a statement piece – A scarf, belt, or jewelry will make you look more put-together as well as add some punch to your overall appearance

Save yourself from a last-minute wardrobe malfunction by keeping this style tip in mind

  • Avoid wearing treggings that are too tight. You want to make sure the fit of your clothing is comfortable and flattering, so avoid anything that makes you feel constricted or uncomfortable.
  • Choose good-fitting treggings for your body shape. If you have broad shoulders, consider buying a looser-fitting style; if you have narrow hips and thighs, opt for a more fitted waistband (like leggings).
  • Make sure there’s enough room in front so that when you sit down all day at work (or even just walk around), there’s no rubbing against any areas where friction shouldn’t exist between fabric layers like pockets and seams. Choose wisely when choosing what size pocket will work best ergonomically throughout daily activities such as standing up from sitting during meetings/conferences.


This article taught you how to style your treggings for work. The guidelines will help you style your pants professionally and suit your office attire. You can purchase treggings online. You must read the product’s reviews to know the quality.


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