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9 Trendy Smart & Sophisticated Wallets for Men

New technologies have changed every area of our lives, so why not our wallets? Smart wallets are an upgraded version of traditional wallets. They can help you keep your cards organised and help you find your wallet if it ever gets lost. They can even help you protect yourself against theft and fraud. Most smart wallets use a special RFID shielding to block any signals your contactless cards give out. This helps protect you from people that want to steal your data without even realising it. 

Other smart wallets use Bluetooth technology to track your wallet if it goes missing. Imagine not having to replace all your cards every time you misplace your wallet! Here are our favourite 9 smart wallets for men to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Ekster Wallet

Ekster creates smart wallets and card holders designed to save you time. Their patented card ejection mechanism revolutionises the way you access your cards. Cards are quickly fanned out through the click of a button, making it easy to reach the content of your wallet.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new smart wallet, remember that you can enjoy benefits from this Ekster discount code. By applying any of these free coupon codes at checkout, you can enjoy a discount on all your purchases. 

2. Nodus High Fold Wallet

This smart little wallet is super slim while still being able to hold up to 13 cards. It even comes with a small slot to stash a key.  There’s also one card slot that isn’t RFID-shielded so you can make wireless payments without even removing your card from your wallet. The Nodus Hifold Wallet is available in both black and brown. 

3. Bellroy Hide & Seek

If you want a smart wallet that’s also trendy and fashionable, try the brand Bellroy. They make minimalist wallets with smart additions designed to keep your cards safe. Each Bellroy wallet has a RFID-lining. This stops potential cybercriminals from skimming your cards and stealing your data.  They are also made from high-quality leather and can hold up over 12 cards.

4. Nodus Compact Coin Wallet 

While most smart wallets can’t hold loose chains, the Nodus Compact coin wallet can! It comes in four colours and can hold up to 17 cards, cash and a key in an international storage compartment. It’s a great alternative for people that want a smart wallet that can still hold change.

5. Dango DO3 Bifold Wallet 

Dango wallets are made by a US-based tech firm. Their wallets are made from aerospace aluminium and assembled with water-resistant materials. An integrated elastic band allows you to carry additional cards while RFID blocking technology keeps your data safe.

6. Serman Brands Slim Bifold Wallet

With a compact, slim design and holds up to eight cards plus cash. You can choose from genuine or vegan leather and features RFID blocking technology. While it’s not the most durable smart wallet on our list, it’s affordably priced and features a minimal pull tab to reduce bulk.

7. Runbox Slim Leather Wallet

Store up to 12 cards plus cash with this minimalist and slim smart wallet. While this wallet doesn’t have the same carrying capacity as some of the other wallets on our list, there is a wide choice of colours available and is ideal for keeping your stuff safe and organised. 

8. Secrid Mini Wallet

If you only need a small wallet to stash a few cards, the Secrid Mini Wallet is the perfect fit. It holds up to 12 cards plus cash and has a special RFID blocking compartment. It’s available in a wide range of colours and material combinations, making it one of the most attractive smart wallets on the market. 

9. Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet

Made from Italian grain leather, the Vaultskin is one of the most stylish wallets on our list. It holds up to 10 cards and features RFID-technology. A smart strap allows us for quick access while a back pocket allows you to easily stash a key.



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