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The Philippines’ Top Exports

In the global economic landscape of 2021, the Philippines asserted itself as a noteworthy player. It ranked as the 36th largest economy worldwide in terms of GDP, stood at the 41st position for total exports, held the 33rd spot for total imports, ranked 121st in GDP per capita, and impressively secured the 37th place for economic complexity according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). 

Beyond these statistics, we delve into the Philippines’ thriving export sector, exploring the pivotal role it plays in shaping the nation’s economy.

Export Overview:

Recently, the Philippines has been exporting more and more, showing its growing importance in the world market.

Top Exported Goods:

Take a closer look at the Philippines’ most exported goods according to Philippines export data:

Integrated Circuits ($27.5 Billion): These tiny electronic parts are used in devices like smartphones and laptops.
Office Machine Parts ($11.1 Billion): These are components vital for office equipment, showing the Philippines’ role in global manufacturing.
Insulated Wire ($3.05 Billion): These wires are crucial for electrical systems, and the Philippines is a key supplier.
Electrical Transformers ($2.49 Billion): Transformers are essential in various industries, and the Philippines contributes significantly.
Semiconductor Devices ($2.44 Billion): Demand for these devices is rising, and the Philippines is a key supplier.

Key Export Destinations:

These goods go to several important countries, including:

China ($15.1 Billion): China is a major importer of Philippine goods.
United States ($13.3 Billion): The U.S. values Philippine exports for its supply chain.
Japan ($11.5 Billion): Japan trusts and relies on Philippine products.
Hong Kong ($11.4 Billion): Hong Kong serves as a crucial gateway to international markets.
Singapore ($6.19 Billion): Singapore plays a significant role in facilitating trade.

Factors Behind Export Success:

The Philippines’ export success can be attributed to:

Technology and Innovation: Investments in technology and innovation have allowed the Philippines to make high-quality products.
Global Demand: Increasing worldwide demand for these goods has boosted exports.

Looking for a Trusted Source of Philippine’s Trade Data:

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Challenges and Future Prospects:

While the future looks promising, the Philippines must overcome challenges like competition and logistics. Diversifying its exports and exploring new markets will be crucial for long-term growth.


The Philippines is on a remarkable journey to become a major player in global exports. Through innovation, quality, and strong trade relationships, it’s poised to continue as a top exporter of integrated circuits, office machine parts, insulated wire, electrical transformers, and semiconductor devices.



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